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Decision fatigue is a choice

April 12, 2022 Kino Isaac Season 2 Episode 14
The Kino Isaac Podcast
Decision fatigue is a choice
Show Notes

Someone once said "Being 100% in is easier than being 98% in".....

So many people have skills, talents & the abilities to do great things, but they limited by people, fear & comfort zones created by bad choices.

Many will live full & die empty, many will take their dreams to the grave.

One thing I never want is to reach the end & realize I lived my life wrong - that my life itself was actually a terrible dream.

I personally make bad choices on a daily - but does it mean I stay bubbled up in it under the illusion that I can't escape? Nope! I adjust the choice I made because I have the option to do so, we all do. Why would I allow my skills to become rusted material when I can turn it into a lifelong opportunity? It's a God given asset.

When we have food, we say thank you. When we have shelter, we say thank you. When we have clothes, we say thank you. Right? So why don't we say thank you & embrace our talents & skills fully when it was a gift? If we won't allow someone to steal our belongings, why do we allow ourselves to steal our own dreams unconsciously because of choices?


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